You Coach We Assess.

Technology has become the key to a new world of education. Online learning/eLearning has become one of the most popular ways of gaining access to education. In the internet era, where everything is available online, tests have gone digital too. Mobiles and desktops with internet connectivity have replaced pens and papers.

Partner Benefits

  • You Coach We Assess. You focus on teaching and we will assess students by online test.
  • We have a experienced faculty to prepare questions as per NTA pattern model test.
  • Students can see instant results and can evaluate their performance through AI reports. This will help you to identify their weak areas and rectifying them before they appear for the main exams.
  • Time management is one of the important factors in cracking NEET. Our time report provides details like subject wise time spent on correct answers VS time spend on wrong answers.
  • Your students will also get discounts on subscription.

Benefits of Online Test

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