• How to score 650+ in NEET 2019

    How to score 650+ in NEET 2019

    Is it possible to get 500+ marks in NEET 2019, with only 2 months of preparation?

    Is it possible to crack NEET 2019 in 2.5 months with 400+ marks months from 0 levels?

    Is it possible to get 480+ marks in NEET 2019 in 2 months?

    How can I prepare for NEET 2019 in 60 days to get 550 marks?

    What is a good timetable to prepare for the NEET 2019 to get above 600 marks?

    I have come across many questions like this? Still, students are worrying and many of them don’t know the exact route to travel for achieving in NEET2019.

    The only solutions for all the questions are already answered by SchoolNEET.

    I will strongly say making 650+ in the upcoming is possible. Sitting the whole day with book or training classes sometimes make you tired instead SchoolNEET prepares you in a unique way to make your dreams come true.

    The 3 prominent factors to get 650+ score is time Management, serious Practice, and mock tests.

    Learning time management is not possible; it will come only when you do a serious practice with the mock tests. Attending the mock test gives you immense confidence. It gives a reality check on your knowledge and learning you have acquired during the past months. AISNMT is like a practice exam before the Real exam.

    Evaluate yourself on April 28th by participating in AISNMT, 3 lakh students are participating from PAN India. You can recognize your National level ranking score as well as you know the time SPENT ON correct answers vs. time SPENT ON wrong answers. Test yourself before the big day and know where you stand.