• Follow Usain Bolt strategy to prepare for NEET 2019 in just 30 days

    Follow Usain Bolt strategy to prepare for NEET 2019 in just 30 days

    When you are a student, you are not sure whether the hard work you are putting is going to pay back.

    “There are better starters than me but I’m a strong finisher”. - Usain Bolt

    Unimpeachably he is one of the superlative and most famous sportsmen of the modern era; Usain Bolt is a six-time gold medalist and the first person ever to win back-to-back Olympic gold’s at 100m, 200m and 4x100m.  Do you think what made him achieve his dreams? The only answer is “PRACTICE”. Not only Usain Bolt, but you can also ask any productive people they will tell you that practice always pays off. Successful people like Usain Bolt will tell you practice alone is a good foundation for their achievements and they continue to practice to be successful always.

    I know it’s high time for you all to get ready for NEET 2019. But I will ask you to take a breath. SchoolNEET understood what exactly is needed for you to be a Top Scorer in NEET 2019.

    Your dreams will become reality through SchoolNEET in the best way. We don’t want you to study all the time. We strongly believe the practice is the price we must pay for success. There is no shortcut for your journey to be on the top; you must take the staircase. SchoolNEET creates accurate staircases to reach your dream. We strongly say that you can accomplish anything if you are willing to pay the price (Practice).

    SchoolNEET planned a very simple practice on a daily basis that will make you get National Level Ranking.

    • 30 Daily Knockout Online Assessment Available for NEET Aspirants

    Daily you need to practice. These practice sessions will help you to learn automatically. You will get the results with correct answers so that you can learn as well as evaluate yourself.

    • More sequence wise questions (chapter & Topic Wise)

    The questions are created in each chapter and topic, so you will be covered 100% syllabus.

    • Immediate results will scrutinize the performance of your day

    Immediate results will help you to evaluate and make you understand the subject.

    • Weekly Revision will increase your proficiency in NEET 2019

    The weekly revision will help you to evaluate and increase your confidence level.

    • All India SchoolNEET Mock Test (AISNMT) 2019

    AISNMT test will make you compete with the students all over India and immediate results will show you where you stand. This is a 100% blueprint practice test before the NEET exam 2019.

    If you practice SchoolNEET assessments for just 30 days you will be in National Level Ranking. SchoolNEET is the best key to make you a top scorer in NEET 2019. Think about it.

    Keep your dreams alive. To achieve anything it requires faith and belief in you, vision, Practice, determination, and dedication.

    Like every tale has a HERO. SchoolNEET will make you a HERO!!!