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SchoolNEET is an Exclusive Portal for NEET Aspirants

Exclusive for NEET Exam Preparation

SchoolNEET is an online assessment portal exclusive for medical aspirants to score more marks in NEET exam. This is Thoughtfully designed and have adopted different methodologies to assess students’ performance and help them succeed. SchoolNEET uses Artificial Intelligence(AI). We believe AI assessment is most useful as part of an assessment process to practice, master time management and encounter nervousness.

SchoolNEET provides Subject vise, Chapter vise and Topic vise tests and a online test series with daily schedule to give a complete analysis on performance. SchoolNEET tagline is Assess, Measure and Succeed which is our norm to get you through the top of the NEET exam score. We know there are highly passionate students out there waiting to accomplish the goal of becoming a doctor and we help aspirants to succeed with a good score. SchoolNEET conducts AISNMT every year- India's biggest online NEET Mock Test that helps students to know All India Ranking before exam.

About SchoolNEET